Cerumol Olive Oil Ear Drops 10ml
Cerumol Olive Oil Drops offer a natural way to gently soften and remove ear wax and have no known side effects. The drops can even be used during pregnancy or when breast feeding.
The use of olive oil to soften ear wax before syringing is recommended by many healthcare professionals. Cerumol Olive Oil Ear Drops provides a medicinal grade olive oil and comes with a dropper, so is easy and convenient to use. Olive oil is scientifically proven to disperse ear wax and therefore helps its easy removal. The wax either runs out of its own accord or becomes more accessible for professional removal by syringing.
Adults, the elderly and children over 1 year: Tilt head sideways with the affected ear facing upwards. Avoid touching the ear with the dropper. Using the dropper place 2-3 drops of Cerumol of the oil into the ear, then gently massage around the outside of the ear.
Allow a few mintues for the drops to reach the eardrum by keeping the the head tilted and repeat in the other ear if required. Use the drops twice a day for up to seven days.