Krill Oil for Men – 60 Caps
Cleanmarine for Men is specially formulated for heart health and it supports testosterone levels. It is a simple, practical way to look after your health and feel and function better. Cleanmarine for Men is men’s health made easy!
Healthy heart formulation
Supports testosterone levels
With added CoQ10, Zinc and Selenium
Sports approved – Tested to WADA standards
Men need special care. Our bodies work in different ways. And we need to get that special care in a way that fits right into busy lifestyles. That’s why Cleanmarine for Men supplies the omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients we need in one easy daily capsule – no messing around and no fishy smell or aftertaste.
Cleanmarine for Men is a better source of omega 3 than fish oil, the conventional choice. More fatty acids get absorbed – faster – for better heart, brain and, eye health. It also contains co-enzyme 10 which plays a vital role in the transfer of energy at cellular level. The heart needs constant fuel and nonstop communication with a healthy central nervous system; thiamine helps in both these crucial tasks. Meanwhile zinc aids growth & healing, and aids with testosterone levels and fertility. Vitamin B6 works to naturally balance sex hormones and energy levels, while vitamin D3, the sunshine vitamin, brings a whole bag of life sustaining tricks.
Why use Cleanmarine for Men?
Formulated specifically for men using vitamins suited best to men’s health
Healthy heart formulation
Supports testosterone levels
350mg Krill Oil per capsule
Small soft gel capsules
No “shrimp” repeat
Cleanmarine for Men is sports approved – tested to WADA standards