Gillette Venus 4 Cartridges
Gillette Venus is the best safe razor to use. Gillette Venus is the first three razor blade designed for women to use in a smooth way. It features protective cushions surrounding three blades for a smooth use. Gillette Venus can also be used for a close shave in just one stroke. Gillette Venus has three blade cartridges which gives an ultra-close shave. Gillette Venus also has protective cushions for a neck-free shave. Gillette Venus ensures a perfect handling with the interchangeable razor blade which refills the cartridges and enjoys the soft grip handle which has a no- slip control. Gillette Venus is manufactured under strict conditions with expert specialist. And Gillette blades are recycled in a proper manner and remolded into a brand new blade which is been fixed to razor. Gillette Venus is available at general store for rupees hundred and ninety nine only per pack which is really long lasting and can be carried anywhere. Gillette Venus is used for waxing and gives a proper smoothness and Gillette Venus has a high demand in the market because of its quality