Sculpted By Aimee Complete Cover Up Concealer- Light


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Sculpted By Aimee Complete Cover Up Concealer-Light

4 in stock



This is our oil-free, mineral cream concealer with a soft-focus matte finish. Use this to add coverage to areas such as redness, blemishes, scars and pigmentation or on areas where you want to bulk up the coverage of your foundation. Enhance your complexion without masking it, so you can be your best you.

This is a light toned shade which is warmer and of a beige tone. Very popular for someone who doesn’t wear their tan too dark or likes to have a daily bit of colour or someone who prefers the warmer shades.Airbrushed Finish

  • Stays Put All Day Long
  • Conceals Blemishes, Redness & Scarring
  • Blends Perfectly into the Skin
  • 9 shades to match our current Second Skin Offering

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