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Inhaler Technique

Your health is our priority at McCormacks Pharmacy. Were here to inform you on inhaler technique. First of all Asthma is a condition that affects the airways- the small tubes that carry air in and out of the lungs. In asthma, the airways become over-sensitive; meaning that they react to things that wouldn’t usually cause a problem, such as cold air or dust. When the airways react to a substance, the muscles of the tube walls tighten up, making them narrow and leaving little room for air to flow in and out. The lining of the airways can also get swollen. A sticky mucus is produced which clogs up the breathing passages.

With little space in the airways, it becomes quite difficult for air to move in and out and the chest has to work much harder to breathe. The muscles around the airways become tightened quickly; this is the most common cause of mild asthma symptoms.

The tightness can be relieved quickly with  a reliever inhaler (usually blue). Gaining control over the swelling and mucus happens more slowly and can need a different treatment. Treatment or management is usually a preventer inhaler.  This preventer inhaler is taken daily to allow the effect to build up over time. 

The majority of people with asthma are prescribed a daily preventer inhaler to protect against an asthma attack and a reliever inhaler to use when symptoms occur. It is extremely important that preventer medication is taken regularly, as prescribed and even when asthma symptoms are not present.

How Can I manage Asthma?

There are 2 types of Inhalers that can be used in to manage Asthma:

  1. Preventer/Controller Inhalers, used to prevent the symptoms of asthma occuring.
  2. Reliever Inhalers, used to widen the airways and reduce asthma symptoms in the short term. They are a key part of treating an asthma attack.

1. Preventer/Controller Inhalers

Controller medication reduces the inflammation of the airways over time and lowers the risk of a severe attack occurring. It does not provide any instant relief of symptoms but builds up protection and reduces symptoms over a longer period. With proper use of their controller inhaler, many people will be totally symptom free and need to use their reliever  inhaler rarely.

2. Reliever Inhalers

Reliever inhalers (usually blue) can be taken as soon as asthma symptoms appear. They work quickly by opening the airways wider and making it easier to breathe again. This is carried out by relaxing the muscles of the airways which tighten when asthma symptoms worsen.

Everyone with asthma should have a reliever inhaler and should keep it with them at all times.  This is because reliever inhalers are essential for treating asthma attacks which may come on suddenly with little warning. You can also take reliever medication before your symptoms get worse, such as when you’re starting to get a cold or before exercise to reduce the risk of symptoms developing.

It is very important your Asthma Inhaler Technique is correct.

At McCormacks Pharmacy our Pharmacists can:

  • Give you feedback on your inhaler and spacer technique
  • Review your asthma management plan
  • Advise how long to wait between each inhalation
  • Advise how and when to clean your inhaler, and how to store your inhaler
  • Advise on the expiry date of the inhaler
  • Advise on what to do if your inhaler malfunctions
  • Discuss signs of an empty device and how to discard of the inhaler 

Blister Packing Service

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Hampers Made to Order

Why not treat a loved one to a A Unique Gift Hamper from McCormacks Pharmacy.  Each Hamper that we create is Unique and tailored to your specific Needs and Budget. We can create a Hamper for all types of Occasions, Birthdays, New Baby, Mum to be, Christmas gift,Anniversaries or just to say Thank you to that Special Someone.

To create a bespoke hamper or for more information call Katie on 052 6199329 ext 3 or Just pop into one of our selected stores and a member of Staff can help you create that perfect Gift.

Smoking Cessation

At McCormacks Pharmacy, our Pharmacists can help you to create a plan that can double your chances of quitting smoking cigarettes. This service is available free of charge to anyone interested in quitting smoking.  Our pharmacists will discuss with you the various nicotine replacement therapy options available to help including patches, gums and inhalers.  Our Pharmacists can also discuss options that are available on prescription. 

Everyone knows that you will feel better when you give up smoking. Heres some Reasons to quit Smoking.

Here’s a summary of what happens to your body when you quit 

  • No More odours- The smell of smoke will be gone from breath,Hair,Clothes.
  • More Money- The huge savings will compile to thousands of euro saved every year
  • Heath Recovery- Blood Pressure and Pulse rates will return to normal.
  • Taste and Smell- your sense of smell will improve and food tastes better.
  • Fitness Levels- Improved breathing means you can return to exercise.
  • Reduced Risk- Heart attack risk is cut in half and cancer risk reduced.
  • Healthier Family – No longer at risk from second hand smoke inhalation.
  • Live longer- You will extend your life expectancy as soon as you quit.

Remember, quitting smoking may well be the single most important thing you can do to improve your health.

Photo Printing

 Bring your precious memories to life with Digital Photo Printing McCormacks Pharmacy.

Turn moments into life long memories with these special choices for your photo’s.

The perfect gift or centre piece for any loving home.The GoPhoto Gift Kiosk offers the state of the art photographs and personalised gifts for your store or location. It has never been easier to print your digital photos than now.

At McCormacks no matter what device you have them stored on we can print it.

Be it your Android or iPhone, a usb stick, disc or memory card, social media Facebook account. Self serve or leave it to us. 

Some of the features of our Go Photo Kiosks are:

  • Award Winning Technology
  • Average 70% lower media cost
  • Remote Order Release
  • Free iPhone & Android App
  • Create/Order from 50+ variations of unique photos, gifts including mugs, slates, jigsaws and more
  • Prints directly from Facebook

With the Epson Sure Lab D Series this offers mini lab print quality from an instant print kiosk for the first time!

Print sizes on offer are 6x4, 5x7, 6x8, 8x10 and A4

Other Benefits:

  1. Four times the print quality of any other system currently on the market
  2. An Average of 40% saving against any other system
  3. Best Gifting solution on the market
  4. Simple for the customer to operate and use.

This Service is available at our Ballylanders Co.Limerick, Newbridge Co.Kildare & Fairways Dundalk Co.Louth Stores. For more information call us on 052 6199329 ext 3.


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